A Concert Has To Sound Good

We all know a concert has to sound good.   Pick you favorite band,  go to a nice venue and get ready to sing all your favorite songs.  That’s super important.   The lights are fun.   They help us see but they also make the performance more dramatic and exciting. 

All of that is great.  You and 10,000 of your best friends are having the time of your life but,  can you see the singer.  Can you check out the guitar players solo?  What’s the goofy drummer wearing on stage tonight?  You’re just a little too far away. 

Well that’s where concert video comes into play.    Projectors,  LED screens,  cameras and professional operators can take shots of the action and present them on screen for you.   You don’t need to watch the short band guys on the stage when you can see them on a few 24′ screens. 

Texasstage.com (TXS) is excited to announce a brand new department and expansion to the company.   “I want to offer every service possible to our clients and we will continue to expand the business as necessary to grow with their needs, ” was the first comment from partner Jimmy Davidson.  “I have seen the things these guys run into on the road touring and I am committed to our friends.”

Concert image magnification,  rodeo replay and digital broadcast and streaming of media will be the focuses of the new department.    TXS will offer displays,  cameras, robo cams, processing and production equipment.  

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