Ghost Town

Its a ghost town around the (TXS) headquarters this weekend.  When I say EVERYTHING and everyone are out on the road I mean it.  I don’t know if we have a clock radio or a flash light left in the shop.  This has been a year of unprecedented growth and we are so appreciative of all of our customers, staff and vendors.  Thank you for your business and thank you for all your patience.

More great things, more gear and who knows what else are on the way.  This is what we have on the road this weekend:

Apex 4240 Stage

Apex 3224 Stage

Stageline SL100 x 2

60 4 x 8 stage sections

32 CM Chain motors

200′ Tyler Gt Truss

28 VTX A12

24 B28

28 A8

4 B28

16 Vertec 4888

8 Vertec 4887

12 Srx 728 Subs

4 Jbl Vrx

14 ITech 4×3500 HD Amps

32 iTech 12,000 HD Amps

5 iTech 5000 HD Amps

36 Led ip65 Pars

38 Chauvet R Series Moving Wash Lights

14 Chauvet Spots

16 LED Blinders

4 Led Strobe Panels

8 Chauvet Beam Lights

8 Hazers

6 Midas Consoles

100′ Blowthrough Barricade

200′ Bikerack Barricade

Chamsys MQ500 Lighting Desk

Hog 4 Lighting Desk

MA2 Lighting Desks

Bunches of video wall panels, cameras and accessories

Freightliner Semi

2 Freightliner Box Trucks

2 Dodge Duallays

3500 GMC

2 Car Hauler Trailers

1 Gigantic Gooseneck Trailer

1 Official Bushel of microphones, stands and cabling.

Plus a whole 6 tower / 40 light / 4 hazer / MA2 touring floor package with a Jimmy Davidson and all relevant accessories.

That was alot to type, but you get the idea.

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